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We The Incubator is excited to announce our new campaign “100 STARTUPS”.
100 STARTUPS” seeks to assist 100 early-stage startups, by building a mobile application on iOS & Android for $10k. Some restrictions may apply. This initiative will only go on for a short period of time and should be taken advantage of by any tech-startup founders that are serious about launching their platform. There is a selection process, but for your chance to be apart of “THE 100” click below to apply or CALL US 310.800.2197.


WE THE INCUBATOR Serves As A Viable Platform To Get Everyone’s Startup Off The Ground For An Affordable Price. High Quality App Development For 40% - 60% UNDER The Current Market Value Cost. A One-Stop Shop That Has All Your Bases Covered. If Selected, Then For One Low Monthly Payment, Your Startup Will Receive The Following:

Our Mission

We The Incubator was founded on the principles of fairness and accessibility FOR ALL! It is our belief that everyone should have a fair chance at making their startup dreams come true. Getting a tech startup off the ground is no easy task. Even if you have an amazing concept, finding someone to invest in your idea is almost impossible. Most people don’t have the networks or the resources to know where to even begin. Let’s be honest, if you’re a person of color/minority, a woman or simply of the working class, your chances of making your startup dreams happen just got even slimmer. Well, there is light at the end of that tech-tunnel.

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