Our Crew

Co-Founder and COO

Giselle is a Los Angeles native and a marketing professional with over a decade of experience consulting on projects from all industries. She believes that research and analytics are a driving force for any business and data should drive action.

She is dedicated to empowering women and is also the CEO & Co-Founder of few startups having successful exit she is more than experienced in this field. Next to it, Giselle is an advocate for LGTB rights and minority communities.

With her personal experience in running a startup from top to bottom she plays a valuable asset to educating others who will follow in her footsteps.

Being a part of this incubator is my way of giving back. Also, I’m on a journey to find the best taco in LA, any recommendations?

Co-Founder and CEO

Mr. Poparic a CEO of Helvetia Holdings Group, and underwriter of We The Incubator is a pioneer in the field of Internet transaction payment processing, content marketing, website development, and strategic implementation. During his career, he has established numerous successful web properties that cater to the European community, generating millions of unique visitors per month and offering a variety of products and services. He holds a master’s degree in music science and electronics. Sasha’s entrepreneurship pushed him to expand into the hospitality industry. He has built successful night clubs in Beverly Hills, California, and Zurich, Switzerland. Most recently he has embarked on a new endeavor: hotel and land development on the Adriatic Coast.


Second Chance Ambassador

Isael Iglesias an ambitious man, proud of his Latino heritage.In his search for the American dream, he made erroneous decisions. Isael paid his debt to society and is this very experience that transformed his way of thinking. He faced many challenges while exiting the prison system. From all these the hardest to overcome is the label that society placed on him “felon”.
This is what Isael is driven to change. He is determined to take his knowledge and experience to aid and support individuals that will go through a similar path. Leading his team they have created an infrastructure were ex-prisoners will be introduced to the tech world.


Startup Evaluator

Devin Larkins is a proud native of Detroit. Being raised in a tough city like Detroit, he learned the importance of working hard, never quitting and most importantly never stop learning. Devin is an HBCU graduate and comes from a recruiting background. Devin specializes in finding and evaluating talent, while brokering relationships.  There is more to a person than what is on the lines of the resume. Look for what is in between those lines and that is how you spot talent.

Of Counsel & Board of Directors

David currently serves as a Music, Technology and Complex Business Litigator at Beverly Hills based Ervin Cohen & Jessup, LLP.  He is a seasoned civil litigator with substantial experience litigating music, technology, complex business, copyright, trademark, trade secret, royalty, real estate and insurance disputes in the following industries: Music, Technology, Internet, Motion Picture, Television, Real Estate, Insurance, Textile, Fine Art, Furniture, Hospitality and Automotive.
David earned his J.D. from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University (New York) and his B.A. in Business Economics from the University of California, Riverside. He is admitted to the Bar in California, New York and New Jersey.

IT Program Manager

John Malonson is an IT Program Manager and Community Technology Organizer with close to 20 years of experience in Information Technology. He is one of the founding members of STEAMCoders.org and enjoys exposing under-served communities to new technology and people in industry with similar backgrounds. John also leads the Blacks in Technology Los Angeles Meetup group which meets monthly at Google’s Los Angeles office.


Chief Accountant

OJLowery, LLC is a full-service accounting, tax and consulting firm located in New York, NY. While the majority of our clients reside in the tri-state area, we also have a national presence with clients in the northeast, southeast and west region.Our strengths go beyond typical tax & financial statement preparation and auditing services…



Serving as the acting COO of Helvetia Holdings Group and principal business strategist, Jonathan is an award-winning writer and management and communications consultant who has previously worked with several high-profile individuals in Media & Entertainment and technology. He is currently serving as a strategic development and marketing communications executive for The Marvin Group, a vertically-integrated, privately-held defense products manufacturer (aviation stores carriage and release solutions, armament test solutions, power and thermal management solutions for ground and maritime platforms, and light tactical vehicle design) which is one of the largest such privately held businesses in the United States.

Arie is an experienced Real Estate developer and he has a wast network of resources in many industries. His niche is Creating low-income micro-housing to the homeless, combined with workspace and food distribution. He has Major contact in the food donation area such as LOS ANGELES FOOD BANK, food suppliers, food mfg., food wholesalers. Being in the garment industry, Arie has very good connections in bringing in the garment factories to donate clothing in mass quantities.


Financial Advisor

International Business development and public affairs professional, consultant and leader of small teams with a proven track record of helping foreign companies successfully develop business on new markets. Successful in facilitating and executing M&A, Greenfield and Brownfield investments internationally. Hands-on experience in using communications and public affairs activities to reach commercial goals. Experienced in complex stakeholder management of both public and private sectors on all levels including C-level executives and high ranking government officials. Trained and well versed in handling confidential information and maintaining a high level of integrity. Cross-disciplinary experience in various industries but with a strong focus on energy and renewables. Worked as a consultant in a financial-target based environment in government institutions. Direct business ownership experience. On-call financial consultant for various international financial institutions. Experienced in foreign trade financing.


Marketing Director

Julia is a business leader with years of proven experience, leading teams across corporate innovation, technology start-ups, business development and organizational challenge.

Specialties: Business developing, marketing, Public relation, mobile application.


Media Planner and Creative Director

Zoran Radjen is a Brand and Digital ecosystem creator and innovator. Strategy, Creativity and Design are equally his playfields. He leads and inspires marketing teams in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and works as a consultant for Brand Innovation, Efficiency and Agility.
From a magazine Editor and Washington Post correspondent he moved to advertising industry and quickly took a position of reputable Art and Creative Director.
Zoran has 25 years of experience and has worked with some of the biggest international brands and headed teams of 7 agencies Worldwide.
He is currently managing one agency in Europe and one in the Middle East and his professional focus is the creation of next-generation platforms for Telcos and rising Co-working and Co-living spaces.


EU regional Manager

Zoran has more than 10 years of international experience in Telecommunication, IT industry and electronic media field, ranging from Internet to TV and Radio production and mobile industry.

Excellent professional ability to work independently and as a team member to perform different type of projects.

Specialties: Business developing, IT industry, Business Analysis, Premium Rate numbers, B2B, VAS services, mobile application, Telecommunication.

Investment Strategist

Lazaros Georgiadis has been actively involved in the commercial real estate industry for over 20 years. Lazaros brings a wealth of knowledge in the following areas: investment strategy; development management; portfolio/asset management; finance; due diligence; leasing; marketing; acquisition; product strategy and repositioning; debt/equity restructuring; partnership relations and financial reporting. Over the course of his career, Lazaros has managed over $500 million of assets in diversified global real estate portfolios, especially in Greece and Germany where he spent most of his life.Lazaros expertise are Hotel and Land development and he is a key asset in HHG. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Universität zu Köln.


Marketing&Business Development

Development and implementation of the Brand strategy. Developing the marketing strategy for new and existing products.



Jacqueline is a marketing finance professional who has over 5 years of experience in capital raising for alternative asset advisories in the New York area.

Jacqueline received her BA from the University Nevada of Las Vegas.


Ms. Lima Mora:
Lima is a Mixed Reality Expert specializing in Cinematic Virtual Reality Experience Design and Stereoscopy with a focus on Immersive Educational Content and Concept Development and 360 Solutions. She is also an experienced Project Manager with an extensive background in strategic planning and working in education reform and community outreach. Among her capabilities are a deep understanding of augmented reality and virtual reality hardware, software and digital innovation.
Lima also specializes in raising public awareness of technology through public speaking and teaching Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality courses and workshops. As an entrepreneur, Lima is the Founder and President of The Last Star; a Corrections Education and Behavioral Counselling organization with the mission of cutting down the incarceration rate within North America. This is possible by offering “A Second Chance,” an Alternative Sentence Reduction and Rehabilitation program customized to meet the personal needs of each offender. State of the art technology allows for the coordination and tracking of progress at low cost in a secure environment where the rate of recidivism can effectively be reduced.



Sava is a highly talented programmer who is able to apply his expertise in iOS development to complete projects quickly and efficiently.

Sava was part of the team that helped develop, maintain and provide customer support for a SDK in the advertising technology market. It was complicated to build and maintain, but with Sava’s deep knowledge of iOS development, and his insatiable curiosity and desire to know more, we launched a world class SDK product that directly resulted in high level revenue for the company. I enjoyed my time working with Sava and would highly recommend him.